Boeco Germany

The Intelispeed Washer IW-8 is designed for washing of standard flat-bottom 96 well plates and microstrips. The unit is fully programmable ensuring multi-step solution ripening, aspiration (aspiration, combination of aspiration/liquid dispensing and soaking, as well as soaking cycle during a particular period of time).

The unit has 100 user-defined programs. Standard version is supplied with 8-channel washing head for dispensing/aspiration, 3 bottles for washing and rinsing solutions, a waste bottle and bottle with filter. Optional 4-channel washing solution weight logger, 4 CHW Logger is available.

The unit is designed for washing standard 96-well plates during analyses.
The unit provides:
Washing mode
Rinsing mode
Mixing mode
Double aspiration
Possibility of additional solution mixing during time gap between two work cycles
Possibility to use microtest plates by different manufacturers, ensured by automated plate set up (adjusting to different depths of plate wells)
Plate and strip washing mode
User-defined programs with adjustable parameters
Saving work programs
The unit is designed for use in closed laboratory rooms at temperatures from +10 to +35°?and relative humidity up to 80% at +25°? decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 35°C 4-channel washing solution weight logger, 4 CHW Logger provides automatic control of rinsing solution and waste volumes. The washer shows remaining volume for each bottle as percentage and gives a warning message in case of low solution volume or full waste bottle when 4 CHW Logger is connected.

Detection mode: Absorbance
Minimum dispense volume:25 µl
Maximum dispense volume: 1600 µl
Dispense increment: 25 µl
Dispensing accuracy: ±2.5%
Allowed residual liquid volume in plate well: not more than 2 µl
Allowed residual liquid volume in plate well: not more than 2 µl
Number of wells washed simultaneously: 8
Number of washing cycles for each channel: 1–15
Aspiration time: 0.2–3 s
Aspiration/dispensing speed: 3 levels
Max. number of channels in a program: 2
Soaking time: 0–300 s (increment 10 s)
Shaking time: 0–150 s (increment 5 s)
Number of washed rows: 1 – 12
Time of plate single wash (350 µl), no more: 45 s
Number of programs: 100
Plate platform and washing head movement: automated
Indication of operation modes: 8-line LCD
Dimensions : 375 345 180 mm
Weight with accessories: 11 kg
External power supply: DC 12 V, 5 A
Consumed power, not more: 60 W
4 CHW logger Specifications:
Max. loading per scale cup: 2 kg
Overall dimensions: 267 × 252 × 97 mm
Weight: 3 kg