Model of female breast

Model of female breast

3B Scientific gmbh
This Model of the Female Breast by 3B Scientific® is a truly valuable tool to demonstrate the differences between healthy and unhealthy breast tissue. The set includes a right and a left breast. Both are depicting common diseases like mastitis, fibrocystic breast condition, and malignant tumors.

Use this model to teach your students about breast diseases, to educate your patients, and to raise awareness. The high quality of both the material used as well as the medically correct anatomy of the Female Breast Models make it a true 3B Scientific® product and a great educational tool for you. Both models are held together with magnets for easier demonstration.

Lactating right breast:

Medially divided into 2 halves
Healthy lactating breath tissue on the cut surface of the external half
Breast gland inflammation (mastitis) on the cut surface of the inner half

Non-lactating left breast:

2 sagittal cuts, can be separated into 3 parts
Healthy anatomical structures on the sectional plane of the external half
Skin on the external half is windowed to view the regional lymph nodes
Cysts and fibroadenoma on the external sectional plane of the middle breast cut
Pathological proliferation of the breast connective tissue (fibrocystic breast disease) on the inner sectional plane of the middle breast cut
Malignant tumors on the sectional plane of the inner breast cut